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I promise this is the truth! I literally went from $20 in my bank account to making $12,000 in five weeks on my first Internet Marketing offer!
Helpful Hints for Internet Marketing Success

This is a growing collection of hints and tips that are meant to increase your success.

Mine Your Brain: You may not realize it, but your mind is full of all kinds of creative and money-making ideas! So the challenge is to dig them out of the crevices and into action. So here is what I do when need some ideas:

I got this strategy after listening to a teaching tape by Earl Nightingale.  Take a yellow pad and write down 25 ideas. Don't stop until you have at least 25 ideas. Don't judge your ideas, just let them peculate to the surface.

If you don't come up with a promising idea the first time you do this exercise, repeat it again the next day and keep doing it until you come up with a winning idea.

My guess is that you will come up with so many great ideas that you will have to work on prioritizing them so you start working on the best ones!

Get moving fast! There is so much great information out in Cyberspace about Internet Marketing that it's very easy to get overwhelmed, confused and distracted. Soon you find another week has passed and you still don't have a site built!

I truly believe one of the primary reasons I experienced quick success if because I was desperate. I didn't' have time to ponder, explore and engage in endless research. I needed results and and I needed them fast!

So my advice to you is to get moving fast . . . and then modify, improve or even scrap your first idea and be successful on your next idea. But get something out there on the net and then do more research.

That's why it's so important to get a hold of a few good tools and then go with them . . .

Writing Tip: I admit that I had an advantage because of my writing experience. I like to write and I am pretty fast at putting together articles and blog posts.

Here are a couple tips that all successul writers know and one secret that will really help you write quality articles.

1.  Plan before you write.
Take a few minutes and write a few things down before you start writing. Get all those abstract ideas out of your mind and make them concrete by writing them down on paper.

2.  Write like you talk.
Keep the content informal and write as if you are "talking on paper." Just write away and then go back and spruce your copy up, still keeping it information, but editing gross grammatical erros and redundancies.

3.  Before you write, answer these four questions:
1) What does your audience want to know? 2) What do you want your readers to know? 3) What do you want them to feel? 4) What do you want them to do?

Now you are ready to write your article or your post. Don't be intimidated by needing to write 3-10 articles a day! Do you realize that an article is only a page or a little more long? It doesn't take very long to write a page of content when you've invested a little time before you ever start tapping those keys!

Proof your work! If you want your readers confident in your work and advice, then take the time to proof it and eliminate typing mistakes, spelling errors and other mistakes. Here is a four step process that will eliminate most or all miskaes:

  1. Read it forward and aloud for content and flow.
  2. Read it backwards for spelling.
  3. Read it again checking proper names and numbers.
  4. Check it one final time for your common errors.

In other words, read it first to make sure the flow is right and that you haven't made mistakes. Read it aloud so that it sounds like you talk. If you find yourself stumbling over your writing, then edit it so it sounds smooth.

Then read it backwards to catch spelling errors. Your mind plays tricks on you and will skip over mistakes when it thinks letters or works "should be there." You counter that when you read backwards . . .

Now go through your article and check to make sure proper names are correct and that the number are right. That includes prices, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and the like.

Finally, you probably have some "common errors." For example, one of mine is to type "you" when I mean "your." So I take a final read to check for all the you and your words, plus other common errors I make.

Okay, I will also tell you of one of my pet peeves and that is when people place punctuation outside of quote marks. It is only in the rarest of cases that punctuation should ever come after the quote! So to be on the save side, always place the punctuation inside the quote marks!

I hope these little hints help to bring you more success!

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Your key to success is inside of you!

  • . . . and the list goes on until you have 25 ideas!
  • The key is to keep going until you list 25 ideas. That's who you really dig into the depths of your thoughts and pull out creative ideas and concepts you didn't even know were buried there!

    Give it a go . . . you'll be pleasantly surprised at what's inside of you waiting to get out!